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VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India is an organization based in NCR Delhi, devoted towards providing one of the best About VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India and their authentic formulations taken directly out of Ancient Ayurvedic texts. VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India is involved in Manufacturing & Exporting of Ayurvdic Medicines / Herbal Food Supplements. We extensively selling our range all over India and ready to join hands with Global partners. We intend to keep ourselves as close as possible to our ancient knowledge and being upgraded to latest technology available. We aim to be unparalleled in the world of Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Products with the merger of these two.

Products are Formally Registered With AYUSH Department, Under Ministry of Health Govt. of India.

Product by Category

Improves Stamina & Vitality

Promotes Hair Growth

BP Control & Blood Sugar

Immunity for Cold Cough

Joint Pain & Muscle Pain

Stomach Issues

VaidyaShree Ayurvedic Medicines Principles

VaidyaShree Ayurvedic Medicines is based on three fundamental principles: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three principles, or doshas, represent different aspects of the body and are used to identify imbalances that can lead to illness.

Vata represents movement and is responsible for the nervous system, blood circulation, and respiration. Pitta represents transformation and is responsible for digestion, metabolism, and energy production. Kapha represents stability and is responsible for structure, lubrication, and immunity.


Vaidyashree medicines are Reasonable and good products, really working. Absolutely no side effects, the response and results are a bit slow though, but worth it. Strongly Recommended.
Emi Melson

Great products by vaidyashree ayurveda and superior customer service! The doctors at vaidyashree are very helpful in giving you correct guidance for your required medication.
Jhon Appaswamey

Good commitment and timely delivery. The products are really worth buying. Especially immunoglen that really helped to develop resistance and improved immunity for me and my children as well.
Alex Mathew

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