Ayurvedic Medicine for BP VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet



  • Controls High Blood Pressure and Stabilises Heart Rate
  • Strengthen heart muscles
  • Improves Circuitry And Increases Urinating
  • Stabilises Heart Rate


  • Quantity: 60 Tablets
  • Form: Tablets
  • Ayush License Number: 665-ISM(HR)
  • Treatment: Blood Purification

Ingredients in VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet




Controls High Blood Pressure

Stabilises Heart Rate

Strengthen heart muscles

Increases Urinating

How to Use

  • 1-2 tablet 2 times a day, preferably after meals with water or as directed by the healthcare professional

Benefits of the VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet

  • Control Tablet Controls High Blood Pressure and Stabilises Heart Rate: It has rauwolfia serpentine (ashwagandha), which causes generalized vasodilation and helps control blood pressure and stabilize heart rate.
  • Strengthen heart muscles: The effect of Terminalia arjuna (Arjun) is that it strengthens and tones the heart muscles, which helps them work well and stay strong..
  • Improves Circuitry And Increases Urinating: The diuretic effect of pendulum murex (gokhru) increases urination and improves circulation..
  • Herbs are traditionally used to help blood pressure, and the heart was chosen to be 100% natural and of the highest quality..
  • Formulated only by doctors who know what they are doing. Designed to have the best mix of ingredients. Made in a facility that meets ISO and GMP standards..
  • The Ayurvedic Formulary of India has certified Ayurvedic Medicine BP India VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet B Capsules, and the Ayurvedic Government Organization, AYUSH, has approved it for controlling blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Medicine for BP VaidyaShree BP Control Tablet

VAIDYASHREE AYURVEDA has brought complete herbal solution BP CONTROL TAB which controls high blood pressure, reduces blood volume and stabilizes heart rate. BP CONTROL TABLET has rauwolfia serpentina (sarpagandh) as a result, they act on the heart and blood vessels to lower blood pressure. By action on vasomotor center, it leads to generalized vasodilation, with a lowering of blood pressure. It has boerhavia diffusa (punarnava) which possesses antihypertensive activity because it is a natural diuretic hence by increasing renal blood flow it contributes to antihypertensive action along with these herbs it also has Pedalium murex (gokhru) promotes reduction of lipid levels in blood and helps to control hypertension. The combined effect of all these herbs shows significant result in hypertension control.