About us

The name, Shuddharth, is driven from the word “Siddharth” which is the original name of the Gautama ,The Buddha. He is the epitome of purity and divinity which has enlightened many lifes. Shuddharth also indicates to the similar purity levels in all the foods products that are manufactured or distributed under this name.

The founders are the traditional farmers and distributors of food grains since many years. Having their rich expreince in producing and distributing food grains and with their wide network of farmers we ensure the continious supplies of the producst.

Best Food & Ayurvedic products

VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India is an organization based in NCR Delhi, devoted towards providing one of the best About VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India and their authentic formulations taken directly out of Ancient Ayurvedic texts. VaidyaShree By Glenn Biocare Pvt. Ltd. India is involved in Manufacturing & Exporting of Ayurvdic Medicines / Herbal Food Supplements. We extensively selling our range all over India and ready to join hands with Global partners. We intend to keep ourselves as close as possible to our ancient knowledge and being upgraded to latest technology available. We aim to be unparalleled in the world of Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Products with the merger of these two.

About Shuddharth Pulses

Shuddharth Pulses are export quality grains delicately chosen from the field produce with the help of SORTEX machines for comprehensive cleaning to remove impurities such as stones, sand, metallic parts, and foreign grains – ensuring food-safe finished products.Shuddharth Pulses maintain uniform size and weight of the grains in its packed products. The samples of the Shuddharth Pulses are Lab Tested before its final packing and delivering to the consumers.

Shuddharth Advantages

Focus of Quality

Samples Lab Tested

Uniformity in products

Premium Food Grade Packing

No External contents

Minimum human Touch


I am thrilled with the results of Shuddharth’s Peels! I have struggled with dull and uneven skin tone for years, and these peels have been a game-changer. After just a few uses, my skin feels smoother, looks brighter, and my pores appear minimized. I love that they are gentle on my sensitive skin while still delivering noticeable improvements. Shuddharth’s Peels have become an essential part of my skincare routine. Highly recommend!


Shuddharth’s Mustard Oil is the best I’ve ever used! As a health-conscious individual, I appreciate the quality and purity of this product. It has a delightful aroma and adds a unique flavor to my cooking. I’ve also noticed a positive difference in my cholesterol levels since incorporating it into my diet. I trust Shuddharth’s commitment to providing natural and safe products, and their Mustard Oil is now a staple in my kitchen


Finally, a Mustard Oil that meets my expectations! Shuddharth’s Mustard Oil has exceeded all my requirements for both taste and health benefits. I use it for cooking, and the rich flavor it imparts to my dishes is unmatched. I’ve also started using it for occasional massages, and the soothing warmth it provides is perfect for relaxing my tired muscles. Shuddharth has earned my trust, and I’m a loyal customer for life!